Nombox was born out of the frustration of two expats who missed authentic HomeCooked food & had no time nor expertise to make them! So we set out to solve this dilemma & looked at restaurants & takeaways to only realize they are not really “authentic” but more an adopted local version. So we asked ourselves, how can we help individuals and families in today’s fast-paced lifestyle access authentic homecooked meals that don’t cost a dent in monthly budgets.

And Abracadabra, we didn’t the answer!

The truth is, current options out there, like expensive meal prep kits or restaurant food, are more like “band-aids” as opposed to real, sustainable solutions. And we have seen these “band-aids” though a quick fix, peel off pretty quickly!

We get it!, you’re tired of the local restaurants, you know their menus by heart, and everything is starting to taste the same. The repetition of your takeaway meals has become predictable and boring.

So we set out to find a solution, and that’s what is cooking – a platform that connecting amazing & passionate cooks with diners seeking to eat better.

You can now find homemade food, made same-day, fresh and local by a talented HomeCook in your neighborhood. Get them collected or delivered & enjoy authentic Home made food without ripping a hole in your budget.

So get ready to Nom….Nom……

Unfortunately we not available in your location. We will be live by 1 January 2022. Thank you for your patience.